Weiss Lakehouse Vacation Home
Weiss Lakehouse Vacation Home

Greetings from Weiss Lake,

My wife and I own a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath lake house on Weiss Lake in Cedar Bluff, Alabama. In addition to being our private lakeside retreat, we selectively rent our vacation home throughout the year. You will find that we go to great lengths to welcome our guests and exceed their expectations.

The house is located at the base of Lookout Mountain where the Little River opens up to the main body of Weiss Lake. The views are breathtaking and you'll find all the comforts of home. It is gorgeous here and we bet you will love it as much as we do.

Come to fish, water ski, swim, climb, hike or simply escape for a relaxing vacation in any season. Please read our guest reviews and click through the tabs above to discover more details on your next vacation place.

For inquiries, please click on the Contact Us tab or call/email us.

Warm regards,

Michael & Lynn Swift

Phone: 404 513-9592 (please do not call after 9pm EST)


Phone: 404 513-9592

E-mail: swiftmt1@hotmail.com

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